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WOOMERA SNOW GUNS PTY LTD is a privately owned company which provides a full range of services associated with the ski/snow industry, specifically related to snowmaking.

The company undertakes

  1. Feasibility studies of sites.

  2. Reviews and advises on site preparation and maintenance of site terrain related to production and retention of snow bases for skiing and/or snowplay activities.

  3. Analyses and recommends appropriate types of snowmaking equipment to achieve the most effective and efficient snowmaking practices/techniques applicable to the specific area.

  4. Manufactures and supplies a full range of snowmaking equipment for both indoor and outdoor application, including cryogenic snowmaking equipment.

  5. Design of snowmaking systems for both indoor and outdoor application.

  6. Installation of snowmaking systems and training of staff in snowmaking techniques and maintenance of the product, post manufacture.

More information about us, and a list of some of our clients and projects to date is available ...